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First, you must know which fuel system you have. There is the Sagem 500 and 1000 systems. The systems look the same for both the quad and the motorcycles.

The 500 system has a flat black ten-pin connector which has two rows of five pins.
The 1000 system has a square gray six-pin connector.

QUAD ECM LOCATION: The diagnostic connector is located under the left fender on the frame by the main system fuse holder.

MOTORCYCLE ECM LOCATION: The diagnostic connector is under the seat in front of the battery box.

Send us your ECM and we will remap it for the exhaust that you have and raise the rev limit to 11,600 on the Cannibal. NOTE: Quads with the 500 system cannot have rev limit raised when remapping. The rev limit can only be changed by using a motorcycle 500 ECM or by changing your quad over to the new 1000 system. (Click here: 1000 system update.) $75.00

Remap your ECM and send you a HMF slip-on silencer: $264.00 satin, $284.00 anodized

For the Sagem 500 system only. Purchase a mil tool and we give you the fuel settings to do-it-yourself: $155.00

Sagem 1000 system. Purchase diagnostic and maintenance software which includes communications cable and use your PC to load maps into your ECM. We supply you with the mapping for your application: $300.00

This kit is to update your Sagem 500 fuel system to the Sagem 1000 system with GP Control. It is available for 2001 FX400, 2002 Cannibals, and 2001 MX400 and includes fuel injectors, throttle body, Sagem 1000 ECM, and wiring harness.
$942.00 at R & S Performance

Also requires ONE of the following:

1.) If kit is owner installed;
a.) owner must have Optimum PC Maintenance and Diagnostic Tool Software and cable part number RSGP1000-MD
b.) owner must load map of FX, Cannibal, Speed, Blaze, or Moto, owner is responsible for choosing proper map to match motor and exhaust system
c.) owner must load injector offset
d.) owner must load injector flowrate e.) owner must set throttle datum

OR 2.) If kit is owner installed;
a.) owner installs wiring harness and fuel and fuel system upgrades, take to dealer for setup, cost may vary by dealer, $75 by R & S Performance

OR 3. If kit is dealer installed;
a.) Purchase from dealer $942.00 at R & S Performance, dealer installs and setup, prices vary by dealer, $275 by R & S Performance

Fuel Injector Flow Testing & CleaningWe recommend having your fuel injectors checked every 50 to 80 hours of ride time. This is also the amount of time after which most people will stretch valve adjustment intervals. When the engine is out, this would be a good time to have them tested. Because of the dirty environment that these machines are run in, having injector maintenance done will keep your quad or cycle running at peak performance at all times.

We can flow your injectors and test them for proper spray pattern and flow amounts along with checking for leaks. The injector coil will be checked for shorts and opens. The injector will be ultrasonically cleaned and flowed one more time to check for proper operation: $25.00 per injector

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